Terms and conditions

Products and prices

All prices are shown in the product profiles. Our product line includes VAT. Tax breakdown is shown the shopping cart and order confirmation.

Methods of payment

Residential customers can pay for your order in your cart selectable means of payment.

Payment Service Provider

Paytrail Oyj is a collecting payment service provider and an authorized Payment Institution working in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant. For complaints, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Oyj
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830
Business ID 2122839-7

Service charge

Packaging and shipping costs depend on the chosen delivery method, and they are automatically added to the order total. If the order amount is more than 100 €, we do not charge shipping and cash on delivery charges.


Products will be delivered with in a week, usually as soon as next business day.

The right of return

All products come with a full 14 day money back guarantee. The product can be returned free of charge customer return. The returned product must be unused and unchanged.

The item Correction of errors

If the delivered product is damaged, you can make about the error message and leave the damaged product so. customer return mail. Mail will not be you then have to pay. At the same time please inform us, return the product and you want your money back or do you wish to send a similar product replace the damaged one. For a full refund, please inform the account number.